Magnetic Wallpaper for your Kids’ Room

I love how sometimes little boys are total boys and little girls are total girls. Jack is obsessed with trucks, buses, and dinosaurs. It has nothing to do with me either. He’s just drawn to them. Then because he shows interest in these boy-ish things, I love encouraging him to learn more about them. It’s so cute how I have friends with girls who love walking around holding a baby doll, or playing dress-up with a scarf and purse.

I stumbled upon the coolest invention, magnetic wallpaper. It’s achieved by first lining the wall with a magnetic receptive, then pasting the wallpaper on top. I can just imagine Jack’s reaction of a big “WOW!” if he had this in his room. There are also other beautiful kid-centric designs of whimsical settings, some magnet and some not at the London shop Sian Zeng.

Thanks Est Magazine for the inspiration.

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