Margot is One Month Old Today!

There are things about having a baby I somehow forgot in the three years since I had Jack. Having a newborn feels like a drug. I’m completely hypnotized by you, Margot. All I want to do is hold you close and give you tiny kisses. If I had remembered that feeling, I may have tried to have a baby sooner! There is nothing more extraordinary than caring for your own tiny living thing. Everything is intense as my heart sinks and swells with every breathe you take. I love watching you stretch and yawn. I love watching your bright eyes light up excitedly as you know you’re about to nurse. So many little moments that probably in a year from now I’ll read and maybe forget how significant they felt — but they are so hugely beautiful. I wish I could bottle them up and carry them around with me forever. Though if I never stop feeling this way — I may just never leave the house!

My little girl, how I love you. I actually wondered if it were possible to love more than one child. The intensity I’ve felt for Jack is boundless. But I’ve discovered — there is indeed room. You see, the heart just expands and it is incredible.

My little love is growing so! You were a big baby to begin with and you are nursing with enthusiasm and gaining weight with ease. You are already tracking black and white pictures and you love looking at the ceiling fan and window blinds. You are so curious already at four weeks old!

You love your momma and daddy very much. You don’t really like to be put down. Including at night. I honestly love nothing more than snuggling with my perfect girl all night, but I think it’s for the best if you reside next to me in the co-sleeper. So we are working on that nightly.

Sometimes I’ll take a step back and look at our family of four and feel proud. Three was lovely, but four — a nice even number — four’s a team. We are in this together. ¬†Four’s a family. We are one.


FROM THE ARCHIVES: See Jack when he was ONE month old! 

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