Some Newsy News … Can you guess?

We are elated to share the news … You see, it would seem that I am going to have another baby! Yes indeed. I’ve been quiet as a mouse these last several months, I wonder if anyone besides spambots even reads this thing! Baby Mac 2.0 will be on his or her way this Christmas 2014! Yes, another Christmas baby. That would mark Jack on the 23rd and Daryle on the 25th. My money is on the 24th, wouldn’t that be fun?

I had a tough first trimester, and felt way worse than I did with Jack. For 10 weeks, I pretty much spent the entire day with morning sickness. I couldn’t handle the smell of cooking and hated the thought of anything besides toast. So after my long winded promise that I was Miss Number One Paleo Girl Forever and Ever, I’ve done a total 180 and am back to my old ways. Now that I am at 16 weeks pregnant though, I have so much more energy and have my normal appetite back. I suppose I should cut back on the ole breads, but they’re just so good!

Jack has been a sweet boy these last few months. When I ask him “what’s inside mommy’s belly?” he replies with glee “a baby!” My sweet angel, bless his heart. Every day I pray for a healthy, happy baby. We are beyond excited and a little bit freaked out by how we will juggle the babes. But at this point, we are more consumed by love for the new addition to our family!


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