Chicks I love: Greta Gerwig


Something we’ve all said a million times before, referring to what’s on TV, particularly paid channels like HBO: Nothing new (with the exception of Girls and VEEP), and it’s infuriating. Well, that constant repetition enabled me to see bits and pieces and then eventually the whole thing of the movie called Greenberg starring Ben Stiller and someone I’d never heard of before: Greta Gerwig, my latest girl-crush! The film is one of those slow moving stories of a complicated relationship between two people drawn together for not necessarily the right reasons. Stiller’s character has just gotten out of a mental institution for having a nervous breakdown, and Gerwig’s character is the assistant to Stiller’s brother whom he is house sitting for. Of course the movie features a very cool home in Los Angeles adding to the captivating scenery (cool interior shots + a badass backyard and pool — the type that you salivate to in shelter mags). But it’s Greta’s performance that I immediately fixated on, her character’s slightly dry personality, her real-seeming insecurity in her own skin, and admittance to failures in past relationships, all seemed so┬árelatable that it made me want to be her friend in real life. If you haven’t seen it, you really should Netflix it or DVR it from HBO or whatever.

Scenes from Greenberg ^^^

I heard Greta Gerwig and the director of Greenberg, Noah Baumbach on NPR’s Fresh Air talking about the new film they co-wrote together with Baumbach directing and Gerwig starring in called Frances Ha (love the title). Both Gerwig and Baumbach (her actual boyfriend in real-life) admit to being die-heart Woody Allen fans. In fact, Greta recently starred in Allen’s latest film To Rome With Love, which I have yet to see. The story is of a young woman trying to make it in NYC as a dancer working through the ups-and-downs of her career, affording an apartment, and managing a complicated relationship with her dearest best friend. I believe it will be released to the independent theater downtown and I plan on seeing it then. Here’s the trailer. Do you think you’ll see it…?

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