Spring Style – Black is the new Black

I bounce between admitting that I need to wear more color, and then come to my senses and say plain and simply: I love black. I feel confident in it. And with the exception of a spring, summer (or even fall) wedding, it pretty much works for all occasions. Do you agree? Lately I’ve been complimenting friends on various outfits and you know what the reply is? H&M! Yes, my old standby when I worked across the street from one. Over the years I’ve stopped shopping there because it’s just not right under my nose. But that said, it’s just SO cheap and SO cute, I ordered myself a big ole shipment of the stuff above. Am I too old to wear a kitten across my chest? Be honest!

Here’s the goods: J’aime tank; slim fit pants; eagle earrings; black-n-gold earrings; grey with black sleeves sweatshirt; fringy purse; kitten tank; lace bra; twill skirt; zebra loafers

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