Patrick Bateman Fans — Prepare To Have Your Minds Blown

In my everlasting obsession with Bret Easton Ellis, I just found a site that has chronicled all the places Patrick Bateman frequented in American Psycho. Sadly, Dorsia is a completely fictional restaurant; but the majority of upper-crust mentions are indeed actual places. See for yourself right here. Instead of taking an architectural tour in New York, you could visit Patrick Bateman’s favorite spots where he would show off his new business cards and planned his murders and executions mergers and acquisitions.

In other news, Bret Easton Ellis’ East Village apartment is for rent. Still owned by Ellis, it was at that apartment where he wrote American Psycho and Glamorama. It’s on the market for $5,000 a month. That’s an open house I’d love to have the chance to walk through.

P.S. Way back when I met Bret Easton Ellis! <3

Happy (belated) birthday Brigitte Bardot

In honor of Brigitte Bardot’s birthday (which was yesterday) and because it’s Friday, I thought I would resurrect this flyer which was made for a party that I threw while living in a group house in Dupont Circle many moons ago. Designed by my beloved friend and at-the-time-roommate, Behn Farahpour. The party’s theme was inspired from the Bret Easton Ellis book, The Rules of Attraction.

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