Mid-Century Christmas

Greetings from December 21st — my official due date! The day has come and still no bebe. But I remain feeling really good, and surprisingly very calm too. The baby has been moving a bunch — I had my midwife appointment today and let’s just say things are moving along. I just need to be sure to keep active by walking to march this baby down.

Since I’m out of work for (pre) maternity leave, I’m sooo happy to be able to take in the holiday spirit which tends to easily fly by due to our busy lives. My sister and her (Irish!) boyfriend, Mick are staying with me which has made the season extra special as Daryle and I await the arrival of our little one.

As you probably recall, Daryle’s birthday is Christmas day. We are always so excited to get the house in order for festivities. When Daryle’s parents retired and relocated, we scored a ton of his family’s Christmas decor including his mom’s Christmas Department 56 collection. Some may call it nerdy, but the ceramic villages are so charming and beautiful. Every year, Daryle carefully sets up the towns, and decorates the scene with carolers, and snowy evergreens. I swear he loves to do it because it reminds him of playing with G.I. Joe figurines.

Department 56 over the mantel.

Our tree shimmers!

Our nativity scene. My friend commented that the figures are “almost life size” which makes me crack up. They are pretty big.

A goofy picture, but I love this thing — a faux log and fire set. When you plug it in, it makes a crackling noise. It lets off no heat, but I swear I can feel warmth from the sound.

And a new addition this year — my mom picked out two fabulous tinsel trees! We love them and so far the cats have left them alone. :)

Have you decked your halls this year?

Here’s hoping for a little bundle to share the holiday spirit with soon~~~



Mid-Century Christmas – Scenes from my house

Hello, Happy Christmas Eve! The halls are decked at my house. We’ve decorated the outside and in. A few years ago when Daryle’s parent’s retired to Florida, they gave us a lot of their vintage Department 56 collection. At the time we didn’t know what we would do with it; the New England Series isn’t exactly our style. But since then we’ve placed part of the collection above the fireplace on the mantle and it looks quite festive. Plus it’s a nice reminder of Daryle’s parent’s since we don’t always see them on Christmas. Our fireplace does work, but it is a very shallow space and unfortunately doesn’t draw very well. So last year we added to our winter theme a faux-fire and log set that when you plug it in makes a crackling sound. It’s hilarious, but quite authentic seeming. I actually believe there’s heat coming off of it, even though it’s truly only adding to the ambiance.

Tomorrow is Daryle’s birthday. Yes, he’s a Christmas baby! In fact, his full name is Daryle Noel! Just a warning—this may not be my last Christmas post! We just love the holiday season and plan to celebrate all 12 days of Christmas. We visited Mount Vernon a few weekends ago for their candlelight tour and learned that George Washington celebrated the 12 days of Christmas. Every night he had a big dinner with family and then wine and dancing followed. That sounds divine to me, so I will be living large from now through January 5th. I hope you will do the same.

Sending much love and a merry Christmas to you!

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Dude in your life

Crank Radio – It comes with a built in flashlight and cell phone charger – he will thank you when he really needs it. $49.95
Black Soap – with lanolin and mineral salts from the island of La Toja, it sure get’s ya clean. $7.49

Swiss Army Blanket – This blanket will look so good folded with the cross side up at the bottom of a white duvet cover. (I’m dying for one myself). They can be pretty pricey, but you can also find vintage ones on eBay for cheap. $29.95-$298
Whiskey Rocks – (You’ll need to include a bottle of Maker’s Mark). Sort of like the black soap—it gets the job done, but doesn’t water it down. $22.50
Plaid shirt – For the behind the times dude in your life. There’s so many cute color combos to choose from. $41.99

A guide for the gals is up next.

Be sure to check out last year’s gift guide and book guide.

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