Hurricane Preparedness — Come on Irene

Crank Radio – check
Flashlight – check
Reading material – check
Snackies (homemade biscuits and fresh raspberries, yum) – check check

This would be a good night for a big glass of dry red, but for now I’m switching between tea and seltzer with lime. ha.

Daryle’s DJing a wedding tonight, so I am at home making sure our drain doesn’t clog near the basement. Good times. The eye of the storm is supposed to pass over DC right around midnight. I hope Daryle will be home by then. He’s only a short drive away in Arlington. I don’t think I can stand another moment of NBC4. I’m up-to-date with the Outter Banks, Virginia, Delaware and NYC. For now, it’s me and Rob Bamberger’s Hot Jazz Saturday Night. How are you waiting out the storm?

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Dude in your life

Crank Radio – It comes with a built in flashlight and cell phone charger – he will thank you when he really needs it. $49.95
Black Soap – with lanolin and mineral salts from the island of La Toja, it sure get’s ya clean. $7.49

Swiss Army Blanket – This blanket will look so good folded with the cross side up at the bottom of a white duvet cover. (I’m dying for one myself). They can be pretty pricey, but you can also find vintage ones on eBay for cheap. $29.95-$298
Whiskey Rocks – (You’ll need to include a bottle of Maker’s Mark). Sort of like the black soap—it gets the job done, but doesn’t water it down. $22.50
Plaid shirt – For the behind the times dude in your life. There’s so many cute color combos to choose from. $41.99

A guide for the gals is up next.

Be sure to check out last year’s gift guide and book guide.

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