The Detox has begun

It’s official, I started the Reinvent 21 cleanse and so far, so good. I’ll preface this by admitting when I signed up for the cleanse, I was so sick of myself, my lack of energy, and the number on the scale that I wanted to start immediately!!! I can be an impatient person so I cracked open the pristine hardback of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook/lifestyle book called It’s All Good and read through her week-long detox diet plan. I sat down one afternoon and wrote down every ingredient I needed to get through the week. Gwyneth’s philosophy is quite similar to the Reinvent challenge where you cut out dairy, sugar, gluten, and caffeine. But like all of Gwyneth’s critics, a lot of her ingredients are things I had never heard of, which left me googling everything on the fly. That said, with one trip to Whole Pay Check Foods, I bought everything on my grocery list for $150. To be honest, I didn’t find that price all that shocking since I would probably spend about that amount on a normal shopping trip to Whole Foods (which is why I prefer Trader Joe’s — my second home.) For the two weeks prior to Reinvent 21 which started four days ago on Sunday, I had been cutting down on gluten, sugar and dairy, but I was still drinking double my weight in calories of coffee and red wineeeeeee.

Now that the official cleanse that I paid good money for has started, I strangely feel OK. Last week I suffered through a headache for a couple days, from lack of gluten and sugar, but now that the I’m detoxing for real, and I have had no coffee or wine, no sugar whatsoever, zero gluten and dairy, I feel for the most part, good. Not great though. I believe in my heart that it will come. At the moment my mood is more even, I have less stressful bursts causing my mood to spike.

Has it been hard for me? Well, I’ve discovered in order for me to successfully diet or “cleanse” (being the new word for “diet”), I needed to be at my wits end. Like, I was in dire need of a change. For me, dieting doesn’t work without a concrete plan. The secret of what I’ve found is I have to go grocery shopping for the week with meal plans in mind. Winging it does not work (at least for me). I have the best intentions and then I crash within 48 hours because I’ll be out of ideas and sick of salads with avocado and nuts. Gwyneth’s cookbook and the Reinvent challenge provide you with meal plans, both of which taste freaking good. Again, Gwyneth’s recipes are more technical though. The Reinvent’s recipes are geared to be more easily attainable.

The hardest day for me was Monday night (day two) when I watched the finale of The Bachelor. Usually I would be half in the bag as I watched the DVR’d portion of that silly, trashy, television show. Without my wine-o, it was a challenge to get through. Plus Juan Pablo is such an a-hole. I’ll leave it at that. [grin]

What’s still hard for me? Well, I have a big un-lady-like appetite. I like to eat! The meals are absolutely delicious in Reinvent 21 and It’s All Good, but sometimes I need to stop myself from eating too much! Though I’m hoping that things will level off. Even though I may have a big appetite, at least I’m not eating a big bowl of pasta with tons of parmesan cheese. The other thing I do tend to eat a lot of is meat. We are a meat eating house! And I’d like to cut it way back. The last portion of the Reinvent cleanse is to cut out meat entirely (though eggs are technically still allowed), meaning I’ll practically be a vegan. All of this is rather exciting to me. At least I say that from the fourth day of the cleanse.

What’s been surprising? I feel fine not having my wine. I still wake up and crave a jolt of coffee, but I don’t have a headache or anything. I just want to succeed. I love how I’m not craving dairy at all! It used to be a staple. Now I see the the leftover cheese in my fridge and it just doesn’t look appetizing. I know it’s going to weigh me down. I can’t believe I’m writing that! Gluten isn’t that hard either since there are so many grains that are gluten free. I’m learning that there are tons of other ways to get protein and calcium by replacing them with lots of leafy greens, nuts, seeds in combinations that are actually good. So far I’ve lost three pounds which makes me feel even more motivated. I promise to check back in about my progress soon.

Special thanks to my darling photographer friend and famous contemporary art blogger (oh dang!) Katie Hosmer for pushing me to write this post. Kisses girl!


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