St. Patrick’s Day in DC, sans beer, ha

And a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you! These photos were taken hours before yet another snow storm hit DC. Sheesh, I remember the days when I’d long to see just 10 minutes of flurries, hoping for an excuse to lounge around the house and bake cookies or something. But oh, not any longer. I’m sick of it. It’s not even pretty to me anymore, it’s depressing. Come on spring, for the love of god!

So anyway, we had a super fun Sunday afternoon and headed downtown to see The District’s Saint Patrick’s Day parade along Constitution Ave. Oh what fun it was. Unlike last year, Jack is big enough to stand on his own and even sort of listens when we command him to please stay on the sidewalk. We were nestled with a view of the Capitol in front of us and the Monument behind us, so I was keen on taking pictures of every float with the perfect backdrop — which I won’t bore you with. I am forever a sucker for marching bands. I love listening to the go-go drum sets and stand there marching in place to the beat. Reminds me of my days in band way back when. Jack even loved it too, which made me swoon!

Hope you have a fun St. Paddy’s Day. Have a Guinness or something for me! I’m still detoxing, and you know what? I feel great! Who knows, maybe I’ll turn into a crazy nutrition obsessed household chef. We shall see. In the meantime, Sláinte!

From the archives: See how much Jack has changed. Saint Patrick’s Day last year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Daryle and I have always counted our unofficial anniversary on Valentine’s Day. I remember we were dating for awhile and it’s funny because, we were always really close from the moment we met. So at some point we were laughing together and like “so this is real, right?” And here we are, eight years later. Whoa! From the old days staying out to the wee hours of the morning while he was DJing, to awakening to reality and buying our house and renovating the heck out of it, fast-forward to an awesome wedding and baby son. I’m blessed to have such love all around me. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Seven Months Old Today!

My little darling you are growing so fast! Just look you, you’re sitting so straight and confidently. You can reach for toys and bend forward like a yoga baby, then sit back up all by yourself. You are rolling to and from with ease. You’ve switched from sleeping on your back to on your side or tummy. You don’t mind being on your tummy one bit and will even bunch up your legs beneath your body. I stare in amazement and think the crawling phase could be right around the corner…! You have been eating solids, now twice a day because you are just so interested in them. When I eat, you want you eat with me. It’s adorable to watch you move your mouth hoping the food will come to you. I’ve introduced a sippy cup, but you don’t understand what is going on. Your pediatrician said you should begin to have water in addition to breastmilk and that it’s ok to let you explore drinking from a cup (minus the sippy part). You couldn’t be cuter attempting to lap the water into your mouth. You inhale a little shocked but then are a lot excited as you dive towards the cup for some more. You are babbling with consonants (“buh buh buh”) and making raspberries all the time. You love roughhousing and exclaim with glee when your momma or daddy whisk you around through the air, back and forth. Honestly, we are having just as much fun as you are. You’ve been a traveling man this past month and have gone to Central Florida, the Finger Lakes, Buffalo and Baltimore. We often joke that we wonder where you’ll wake up next. You continue to charm everyone you meet and make us so proud as you are the sweetest and happiest baby we could have ever asked for. Sometimes I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such a loving and mild-mannered child. You make your daddy and me happier than we can ever describe. You complete us and together we are a family.

All my heart forever and ever,

Best Invention: On Demand Car Service

Living in DC, a common complaint is about taxi cab availability. If you find yourself anywhere besides a highly trafficked street, a cab can be nearly impossible to find; or you will finally see one and he’ll be off duty; or most annoying, the cab will slow down with his window cracked — barely coming to a stop inquiring where you’re going — ready to peel away when you say anything like “north of Dupont.” It makes me crazy. I live uptown, in a residential neighborhood; When parties have gone late at my house, friends will call a cab service to pick them up — which I’m not exaggerating take at least an hour for the taxi to arrive (I don’t live that far away from downtown!).

Music to my ears, a new service has come to smart phone fingertips called Uber, it’s an on-demand car service that will pick you up and take you anywhere you want to go. Upon opening the app on your phone, you automatically see how many drivers are in your area on a map with up-to-date GPS of your location and approximate arrival time (generally no more than 7-8 minutes away). The transaction is complete via credit card which is already on file when you register. The driver greets you politely and you are whisked away to your destination with complimentary water bottles and a dish of candy for you to enjoy. The price is a little more than taking a cab, but to me, it’s well worth a few extra dollars for a safe, timely and stylish ride home.

Uber is available: Boston; Chicago, Los Angeles; New York; Paris; Philadelphia; San Diego; San Francisco; Seattle; Toronto; Vancouver; Washington, DC.

An Impromptu Hike near Fletcher’s Boat House

I’m trying to be a little more spontaneous these days. As typically a creature of habit, I’ll be the first to admit that I can easily get bogged down by routine. Though, between Daryle’s main job and DJing, we have to seize every free moment we have together as a family. So on a beautiful afternoon, we set out driving without a destination necessarily in mind. Daryle recalled Fletcher’s Boat House — somewhere not to far from us, and we decided to head in that direction. Lots of twists and turns in the car; we were in awe over the gorgeous tree-lined neighborhoods off Massachusetts Avenue, just outside the DC border, in Maryland. Then thumbing around on our iPhone’s map feature, we realized the Boat House wasn’t in Maryland, but actually in DC. We made it, parked the car and Daryle wore Jack in the Bjorn. I only had my canvas shoes and donned a newly purchased outfit from “The Loft” (I admit, partially making fun of myself) — you could say I sort of stuck out like a brightly colored product of our season … We set off on a light hike past the guys fishing in the Potomac (it was a bad day to be a catfish) and happened upon a stream of fresh water that I dipped my feet in while Daryle pointed out trees and birds to Jack. A sweet afternoon, just the three of us, momentarily off the grid, hoping to return again and again.

Trina Turk’s summer line for Banana Republic

I am loving fashion’s bright color palette this spring and here summer is right around the corner with even more fun possibilities! Do you have getaway plans? Los Angeles-based designer, Trina Turk is bringing her colorful patterns to a more accessible place — your local Banana Republic and they are fab-u-lous. Trina Turk’s creations will be available starting June 7th ranging in price from $34.50-$150; a steal for such fun couture. You will find me on the corner of M Street and Wisconsin Aveune [Georgetown], June 7th. :)

This Year’s Cherry Blossoms +1

What’s the point of living in DC if you don’t see the cherry blossoms? Those beauties are what kicks off tourist season in the nation’s capital making any trip downtown an annoying one and forcing me to shop somewhere other than the H&M at Metro Center.

Well, by the time we got down to the Tidal Basin all of the trees had bloomed; the flower pedals were swirling around in the cool spring breeze. It really was pretty despite the overcast sky.

I was happy to see the newest memorial dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. which opened this past year. I was reflecting the beautiful architecture and flourishes, but unfortunately most are downtown near The Mall; they really aren’t interspersed in the city like they are in say, Paris where you can cross a beautiful bridge just to get from one neighborhood to another. In DC the sites are more of a destination rather than what most of us residents see day-to-day.

It’s coming up on nine years that I’ll have lived in DC — meaning, I think it’s time for a change. Though I’m doubtful that will happen any time soon. I always fantasize where the next place will be. Maybe the west coast? I’d really love that.

And here we are! I’m smiling because more of the baby weight has fallen off — thank god. I’m not there yet, but at least a step closer. “Bikini season” has never meant more to me. I’m determined to be presentable by our trip to Cape May this June.

Spring Garden 2012

Let the gardening begin!

If there was a medal for the person who could sow seeds the fastest, I think I’d win it. As soon as Jack went down for a nap, I whipped out my seeds, soil and trays, and quickly put together three batches of tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, pumpkin, squash, and a ton of herbs. I had an efficient system: fill all cups with dirt, divvy out how many plants of each I wanted, write labels and place in cups, add seeds to each and sprinkle dirt on top, and finally — take a picture. :)

Water and move trays to my new (gently used) greenhouse! Yippee! I’m stepping it up this year with a greenhouse. Something that I just learned is when using a greenhouse, you cannot forget to unzip the door to allow air in during the day. When the sun is beating down, even on a 50 degree afternoon, it can get up to 100+ degrees in there and scorch your plants (which would be a bummer). If the evenings are still getting below freezing, you probably want to bring in your plants for protection.

A couple weekends ago, Daryle and my step-dad Steve took the task of moving the raised garden bed from the shady spot it was originally built, to closer to my house, which is the sunniest part of the yard. The tree’s canopy really does shade a lot, but I think veggies will do better its new spot. I’m so thankful to Daryle and Steve for shoveling all of the dirt and unscrewing the bed and bringing it down. It was a pretty big job and thought it would never happen. So now I’m set up for success! I already direct sowed carrots — which I’ve never grown before and beets; and my greens: collards, spinach, arugula, swiss chard, red and green lettuce. I’m looking forward to documenting this as well as making some homegrown, organic baby food!

Marine Corps Marathan in Washington


This past Sunday was a glorious fall day. I headed downtown to cheer on a friend who was running in the Marine Corps Marathon. I was overwhelmed by the turnout — there, 30,000 people were running around my beautiful city, past the Potomac, in front of the Watergate, then the Kennedy Center, following on past the Lincoln Memorial. The air was crisp and spirits were high. And it was exhilarating to see so many thousand determined people following their dream towards the finish line.

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