The 20-minute DIY skirt

DIY skirt

I am so excited over the idea of sewing a skirt that is so easy, it only takes 20-minutes. The author insists that you only need less than a yard of fabric, scissors, a sewing machine and elastic string. Under no circumstance are allowed to buy a pattern—it’s that easy. I almost believe her. I’ll report back later…

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Raised garden bed

Last summer, I got my first taste of vegetable gardening when I grew two tomato plants in large containers. I wasn’t sure if they would actually grow in a confined space, but they did very well and I had so many tomatoes.

This year I decided to get serious. I’m feeling much more settled with the renovations of my house and felt it was time to do a major project in the yard. Daryle and I built a raised garden bed after I read about an easy way to DIY on Sunset magazine’s website.

raised garden bed
We bought 10x2s at Home Depot and stacked two on top of one another to have the height of the raised garden bed nearly two feet tall.
raised garden bed
Then used a water-based stain to protect the wood from rotting. We thought the barnyard red was fun. We dug holes in the ground to fit the posts and secure the bed in place.
raised garden bed
Next we lined the bottom of the bed with mesh wire to prevent critters from burrowing and laid landscaper fabric down to prevent weeds from growing through.

raised garden bed

We had a soil delivery from a local farm.

raised garden bed

Time to plant!

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