Mother’s Day Gift Guide


I’m the worst planner in advance (hence getting this gift guide posted with only a week till Mother’s Day), but here are some ideas that I would love receiving; maybe a special momma in your life would too.

1. A gorgeous spring wreath for the door.
2. Facial at a local spa. They are so relaxing and addictive.
3. Put your thoughts on paper.
4. Something pretty that she wouldn’t buy for herself.
5. Orangey-Red lipstick; it’s so stylish and chic. Good to Go by Mac is fab.

And last buy not least don’t forget to call your motha! 😉

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Dude in your life

Crank Radio – It comes with a built in flashlight and cell phone charger – he will thank you when he really needs it. $49.95
Black Soap – with lanolin and mineral salts from the island of La Toja, it sure get’s ya clean. $7.49

Swiss Army Blanket – This blanket will look so good folded with the cross side up at the bottom of a white duvet cover. (I’m dying for one myself). They can be pretty pricey, but you can also find vintage ones on eBay for cheap. $29.95-$298
Whiskey Rocks – (You’ll need to include a bottle of Maker’s Mark). Sort of like the black soap—it gets the job done, but doesn’t water it down. $22.50
Plaid shirt – For the behind the times dude in your life. There’s so many cute color combos to choose from. $41.99

A guide for the gals is up next.

Be sure to check out last year’s gift guide and book guide.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Hip Dad

Father’s Day is this Sunday; that means you need to send your dad a card by tomorrow (Wednesday). Get on it!

Here are a couple of ideas from a around the web that would make the Daddy-O in your life a little happier this year.

1. A bottle of Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whiskey. It will never go out of style.

2. A subscription to Monocle magazine for the international affairs loving, design fanatic Pops.

3. Navy Desert Boots for the his casual, but stylish Saturday adventure.

4. Tortoise shell Ray Ban sunglasses. Let’s face it, there’s only one way to say classic.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

For the cool dude in your life: Toy airplane.
For your friend who literally drinks olive oil he loves it so much: Olive Oil Dispenser.
For the modernist: Coat hook.
For the farmer’s market shopper: Wicker tote.
For the girl in your life: Charm necklace.
For your Grandma that doesn’t understand why
no one puts photo albums together anymore:
Make your own photo album book
For your fabulous friend: Anything Jonathan Adler.
For the typography obsessed boyfriend: A t-shirt that no one else has.
For the indoor plant lover:  Modern stucco planter.
For the person who is always late: A rad digital watch.
For the constant gardener – Herb labels.

For your parents who already have everything: Bat hovel.

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