Embracing the Crazy – Love and Cries – That’s Life

baby and her stuffed animals^^Margot and a few of her friends^^
3 year old plays with Thomas the Tank toys^^Jack can play with his trains for hours. What a lifesaver!^^
baby tummy time^^Jack demonstrating impeccable tummy time.^^
dad giving bottle to baby, glass baby bottle^^Daryle giving Margot her second bottle ever. She’s not taking to it so well.^^
baby's first smile^^This is pretty much what makes my world go round^^
six week old baby girl^^What a bebe!^^
^^More sweetness^^

mother bonding with newborn

Hi, it’s me! Things have been a mixture of wonderful and hectic, but mostly wonderful. I’m learning to accept imperfection. Boy it’s funny, I felt stressed when I just had one babe. Now with number two here, I actually feel more calm than I ever have. (Maybe it’s just the breast-feeding hormones?!) But truthfully, this is an amazing time in my life. Margot is a doll and Jack has proven himself to be a terrific big brother.

Childhood development is fascinating. I feel like I’ve been given a gift of experiencing a baby again. It’s much easier the second time around in a way because I know what developments to look for with Margot, I feel like she’s reaching each millstone with tremendous speed. Girls rule! She’s 10 weeks old — getting to the point where I’ll count the months rather than weeks very soon. She’s rocking her tummy time and holds her head so far up, she looks like a little sphinx! She’s reaching, she’s smiling, she’s cooing — like so much! And she’s already enthralled by her big brother.

Jack is now 3 years old and this age is proving to be the most challenging. He’s so aware of everything and has a good understanding of how things work. With that, he also has such strong will. He knows what he wants and thinks he knows what he hates. He loves so hard, but yet can have such strong meltdowns that sometimes I want to cry. I’ve been reading the book Parenting Without Power Struggles to help me communicate the best I can without using ultimatums or threats (Is that even possible? I’m no saint.). Even the easiest tasks like getting dressed in the morning are met with fits. Why? Just put your shirt on! Ha. But then he turns around and says things like “I’m really happy Mommy” or “There’s my baby sister, she’s a good baby” and I weep.

The greatest part of being three is Jack finds every day tasks exciting. He helps me put the dishes away, he feeds the cat, he will get juice out of our beverage fridge (which I dilute with water). He can pick out his clothes and he loves to “help” me carry the laundry basket up and down the stairs. It’s awesome and certainly makes the most mundane tasks a bit more interesting even if I’m dying to get it done as quickly as possible. And even though Jack is so active, he’s so gentle with the baby. He really does get it.

Back to embracing chaos. I have so many goals — health, cooking and eating, exercising, coming up with interesting experiences and games for the kiddos, working on the DJ business and maybe just a little bit of quality time with Daryle or just plain ole “me” time. I work it in as best I can. Since Daryle works from home, he’s been a tremendous help picking Jack up from school and squeezing in some grocery shopping so I can have some one-on-one time with Margot. I really don’t have the answers — to anything at all. I’m just changing my point of view and having a bit more humor to focus on being in the moment. It sure helps bring those intense moments some peace. Kids are awesome. I think I’m the nutty one.

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