Our Two Year Anniversary

Every single day, I’m surprised how quickly time passes. It’s hard for me to believe that two years have gone by since our wedding. In total, Daryle and I have been together for 7.5 years! Every year has it’s special place in my heart, but I really think this past year has been my favorite. More and more, we’ve settled into a groove, we accept each other for who we are, we support one another through and through because — to put it simply, we just “get one another.” I think that sort of thing takes time, especially after the “honeymoon” period is over. This past year has been extra special anticipating our little one. And then once he made his debut, the two of us came together forming this amazing team of parents, of husband and wife.

In today’s society, there is action all around us. And I find myself trying desperately to remember all of those special moments. I tell myself “don’t forget this moment the rest of your life.” Our wedding was one of those days that I will never forget. I remember getting ready with my mom and bridesmaids, I remember walking down the aisle with my dad, and I will never ever forget the smile on Daryle’s handsome face, the moment he saw me. I will hold that in my heart forever. So today, we celebrate one of the biggest events of our lives together, the day we made our own history. Happy Anniversary my One True Love. My heart is yours.

See what was going on this time last year.
Here’s my original post about our wedding here.

Photos by Brandon Lata.

Back to Buffalo to see family and friends

After Canandaigua, we traveled west to see visit Daryle’s family and friends in Buffalo. Everyone seemed to have had company staying with them the weekend we were in town so we called up the Saturn Club, the beautiful social club we were married at nearly two years ago to see if they could accommodate us in one of their guest rooms. Luckily, they were glad to have us! Before you scroll down, a brief explanation: at before our wedding ceremony, the photographer and I went exploring through all of the rooms and shot a photo in this room, which I just love. So Daryle and I recreated it with the Jack!

You can see more wedding photos here taken by the best [western NY and all around] photographer, Brandon Lata.

We visited Uncle Doug — Daryle’s best friend (and best man at the wedding)…

…He and wife, Christy happen to have a pool at their downtown Buffalo house!

So of course we stuck around for some beers and sunbathing. It was especially fun because all of Daryle’s best friends from high school came over with their families. I love this photo. Here’s Mark with his shades on and his two girly daughters in pink. So precious.

All the guys, reunited. The topic of conversation: Music.

And then we got to see Grandma Judy again for dinner. Jack is learning to play the bongos. :)

Love this! The Maciocha guys: Uncle Tom, Grandpa, Daryle and baby Jack.

Our summer wedding in Upstate NY

Daryle and I were married Saturday, August 21, 2010 in Buffalo, New York. It’s hard to believe eight months has passed since the big day. As I look back, I recall that never in my day was a the kind of girl who dreamed about her white dress and all the details in between. But in the end, I got what pretty much every girl dreams, a magnificently fun wedding weekend, rain and all, sharing our most momentous occasion with our family and closest friends. We wanted people to eat, drink, dance, celebrate and explore upstate NY which has become a second home to me; and that they did. Without further ado …

Just in case you were wondering …

Wedding Dress: Anne Barge from Chevy Chase Bridal (DC)

Veil: Handmade from seamstress at Chevy Chase Bridal (DC)

Bridesmaid dresses: Simple Silhouette from Hitched (DC)

Bridesmaid sexy strappy heels: RSVP via Zappos

Hair+Makeup: New Age Salon (Buffalo)

Groom and Groomsmen navy suits: Alfani from Macy’s

Groomsmen’s yellow skinny ties: Tommy Hilfiger from Macy’s

Groomsmen yellow argyle socks: Brooks Brothers

Wedding ceremony and reception: The Saturn Club (Buffalo)

Flowers: The Floristry (Buffalo)

Wedding cake: (it was lemon and with a light raspberry filling and vanilla icing, yum) Dessert Deli (Buffalo)

Photographer: Fellici Studio, a.k.a. the seriously talented Brandon Lata (Upstate NY + he travels too)

Accordion: John Tieri (Rochester)

Officiant: John Long (Daryle’s uncle)

Music: Daryle a.k.a. DJ D-Mac (he only spun for a little while ;), Neville C., and Rusty B. (love them so much) (DC + will travel)

Wedding planning in Buffalo

Hello! Please excuse the delay. Daryle and I went up to Buffalo with my mom and step-dad to make some wedding preparations. We attended a tasting at the Saturn Club, a historic Tudor social club with stone walls in downtown Buffalo. Our ceremony and reception will be held in the Saturn Club’s garden courtyard with fountains scattered throughout this August. The food and ambiance are divine. Surf and turf will be on the menu!

Our trip was a success. We had a packed itinerary; in addition to the tasting we met with a photographer, florist, had my hair done (not sure about that one), visited Niagara Falls, and hung out with Daryle’s family. The above photo is from Easter dinner at Daryle’s aunt’s house with his sister and her kids. I’m so happy my parent’s were able to join us on our trip. It is a big help for them to visualize what we’re talking about in another city. Things are kind of starting to fall into place. Eeck!

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