Aquadettes: California, Synchronized Swimming, and Mary Jane

A short documentary on Margo Bauer, a seventy-five year old woman who participates in a Southern California synchronized swimming club called Aquadettes. Many of the members have arthritis, joint replacements, and other health challenges, but together they remain active in the pool — though Bauer admits, she needs a little something extra to get her through the day. The short film playfully shows Bauer’s peers practicing their routines, beaming in delight to a slow-mo swing tune. Their overly flamboyant costumes show what humor they have today and makes me pray I will be that cool and active when I’m that age. This film is a part of a series called California is a Place. With images of characteristic palm trees on SoCal streets, my heart swooned for the West. Click here to view.

DC pools re-open!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means the DC public pools re-open! Yay for summer! Yay for magazines and sunglasses by the pool! Yay for backstroke laps instead of the treadmill! I’m lucky enough to have a public pool less than two blocks from my house. Sometimes Daryle and I come home from a long day and take a dip in the pool. It’s usually so warm from the sun that we just soak it up and splash around. After that, we’ll stop at the Peruvian chicken shop on the way home and lounge the evening away.

Do you have any weekend plans? Are you going out of town? Have a BBQ to attend? I’m getting fitted for my wedding dress on Saturday, going to a BBQ on Saturday night, then heading to Charlottesville, VA for Sunday through Monday. I hope you have a wonderful three day weekend!

Night Swimming

Summer is really here! After work, Daryle and I rushed to our community pool to take a dip and do a few laps for the last half-hour it was open. In addition to swimming about, I always have to reenact part of my childhood in south Florida and do a couple somersaults, backflips and pointed-toed headstands. When I come up for air, my arms come over head like gymnast at her competition. 10.0!

(photos by kathyv)

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