Aquadettes: California, Synchronized Swimming, and Mary Jane

A short documentary on Margo Bauer, a seventy-five year old woman who participates in a Southern California synchronized swimming club called Aquadettes. Many of the members have arthritis, joint replacements, and other health challenges, but together they remain active in the pool — though Bauer admits, she needs a little something extra to get her through the day. The short film playfully shows Bauer’s peers practicing their routines, beaming in delight to a slow-mo swing tune. Their overly flamboyant costumes show what humor they have today and makes me pray I will be that cool and active when I’m that age. This film is a part of a series called California is a Place. With images of characteristic palm trees on SoCal streets, my heart swooned for the West. Click here to view.

Acqualillies, the most beautiful things

Is anything more beautiful than underwater photos? Really, what will they ever think of next? According to the LA Times Mag feature story, you can hire a team of beautiful women called Acqualillies, to perform synchronized swimming and dance at your private party. The show’s ambiance is reminiscent of old Hollywood-glam with the ladies clad in vintage swimsuits, red lipstick, and a giant smile. All to the tune of Dean Martin’s rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” or Marilyn Monroe’s “I Wanna Be Loved by You. I’d love to see this in person, wouldn’t you?

Watch the making of the photo shoot here [click “new video”].

Photos by Sarah Fretwell

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