Lena Dunham photographed by Terry Richardson!!!

There she is! Hello Lena! You are currently rocking my world, looking fantastic in your pixie cut and leotard in front of Terry Richardson’s lens.

Read the short and juicy feature on Lena in the latest issue of V magazine. She’s so funny and just doesn’t seem to try and impress anyone—I don’t think it’s an act either. I cannot wait for the new Season of GIRLS (Jan. 13th on HBO) and I love so much that she’s Terry Richadson’s latest muse!

Angela Lansbury on the Cover of the The Gentlewoman

YEAH! Angela Lansbury rocks the cover of The Gentlewoman photographed by and donning Terry Richardson’s statement eyeglasses. This is so awesome, I want to frame the cover and put it up on my wall. I’m loving how Lansbury still remains a figure in our hearts as she’s still acting in a slew of stage productions. Thinking of my Nana today when we’d watch Murder She Wrote sitting nestled together on her pink floral sofa way back when I was young.

Kate Moss (in bed) the day after her wedding

Have you seen Kate Moss’ fairytale wedding photos to Jamie Hince? Her dress was SO beautiful and the flower girls couldn’t have been more precious.

In the photo above, Terry Richardson captures the newlyweds in bed at the Ritz, the day after their wedding. I spy a nip!

James Franco as a tranny

Dear James Franco,

Let me count the ways that I love you:

1. You appeared on General Hospital, my favorite soap opera as a child, which reminds me of my grandmother.

2. Pineapple Express was suprisingly good.

3. OMG, you were in Eat Pray Love?! (yes, i’m reading your wikipedia page right now!) (yes, i’m a nerd and really want to see the movie regardless of reviews or how anyone feels about Julia Roberts.)

4. You’re just so dreamy!

5. You are so self assured that you can appear in drag on the cover of Candy, a magazine dedicated to tranny culture. Dude, rock out!


P.S. Terry Richardson photographed Franco for the cover. Hearts and stars!

(via: HuffPo, MSN, and a whole bunch of other place I’m sure.)

Alec Baldwin + Terry Richardson + Wired mag = Godliness

Ohmygod, ohmygod, I’m not sure who the greater god is: Alec Baldwin or Terry Richardson. Somehow in this crazy world, they managed to collide making greatness. Yes, here lies the photo that stopped me dead in my tracks while I was on the metro this morning. Before cracking the issue, I admired the cover for its bright/harsh lighting, along with Alec Baldwin’s boxer stance (dope!). But it wasn’t until I got to the feature within the magazine that I noticed the photographer was Terry F-bomb Richardson! (I’ve loved him since high school when I would pick up the Sisley catalog at the mall with his photographs of scantily clad, sexy Italian ladies). I just love the sarcastic smile on Alec Baldwin’s face with the sign that he’s holding. The interview is good too.

Pick up a copy of Wired before it’s off newsstands. It’s a killer issue.

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