Shirley Manson of Garbage Makes a Comeback

It seems like people born in the eighties love to claim their an ‘eighties child’ (Scooby-Doo, hyper-color t-shirts, Madonna, etc.). And even though I was born in the eighties, I really didn’t have a strong opinion of much. I wasn’t particularly fashion-forward in my adolescents (maybe it’s because I’m from Florida and all we wore were daisy dukes and scrunchy socks), and music for that matter was formed by what my mom listened to (Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello were at the top of the list). In truth, I’m a child of the nineties. That’s when I really came into my own for as ugly as some of those teen years were. :) Boy was I into Garbage; I endlessly watched Shirley Mason in her dark red lipstick strut around in their music videos on MTV. I still sing “Special” to myself and know every-single-word. So I’m thrilled to know Ms. Mason is back to her ways with a new album coming out in May! She looks fantastic (see above) and gives an interesting interview to Vanity Fair discussing the differences between music today versus 15 years ago. For one thing, Mason notes, it was ok to talk about how effed up you were. In fact it, was stylish to be misunderstood. She says that in this post 9-11 world, we try to appear perfect and if we’re not, it’s viewed as a scandal or a weakness. I love her theory. It’s pretty true isn’t it? This is even true on blogs (such as my own) — obviously there’s so much more to my days, but I choose to show the sweet and ‘perfect’ side to life. Would you guys actually read a blog that complained about traffic on 16th Street, or how my neighbor leaves his trash cans in front of my house (which kills me), or how Fitzgibbons shits outside the litter box every-single-day (and by the way, I’m so holding back)? Probably not right? ha. Check out the interview. It’s short and sweet and I’m psyched Shirley’s back to rock.

Listen to her new song here.

Photo for Vanity Fair by Autumn De Wilde

Gourmet magazine closes


Gourmet magazine, known for it’s exquisite recipe ideas, alongside impeccable photography, and tasteful typography is closing after being published for nearly 70 years. I ask you this: Is nothing sacred? Answer: No, nothing is. The publishing industry being in shams has left me wondering: What am I going to do? Where will I go if something similar happens to the magazine I work for?

I can say this: I didn’t do enough. I let my Gourmet subscription fall after receiving the magazine for years.

I propose everyone re-up a subscription to their favorite magazine. What magazine would you choose? At my house, we already receive Dwell, Esquire, and Sunset. I will re-subscribe to Vanity Fair today. If that magazine closes, it really will be the end of the world.

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