The Trouble with Living in the City

We’ve had the most lovely summer. Like it’s the nicest summer in the 11 years that I’ve been in DC. Most of the days have been in the low 80’s with zero humidity. It’s almost too cold for this Florida Orange to think about bringing my boy to the local pool. As you know I am a city girl. I love the bustle, the noise, the proximity to do anything, and I love taking Uber when I can’t get there fast enough. But I have one gripe, my sweet little local park, with a pavilion that houses a green roof (so cool right?!) has been tagged by some complete dummies. Look, I actually like graffiti. I appreciate seeing how a city has it’s local politics and flavors. But I’m a little pissed off at the profanity, drug references and general un-artistic-nature of this rubbish. On a bright side, Jack didn’t seem to care. But as he gets older and can actually understand what these words mean, I’d prefer him not learning them from the safe haven our neighborhood park is meant to provide.

1. I’ve called DC Parks and Rec. Someone put me through to an anonymous voice mail. I haven’t heard a peep and that was four days ago.
2. I tweeted the above picture to Muriel Bowser, my Ward Representative, and candidate for mayor, whom I have a sign in my front yard supporting her! No response either.

I’m not really sure what my options are other than getting in the car and going to a park in a better neighborhood. I’d love any suggestions if you have them.

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