Sexy Maternity Dresses for your Summer Holiday

Today marks 20 weeks into my pregnancy! Where does the time go, because that means I’m half-way there! I’m going to a wedding in Baltimore next weekend and it’s been sort of looming in the back of my thoughts all summer long. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to wear something I already owned. Up until this point, I’ve been squeezing into my regular summer clothes, but I do finally believe it’s time to get something with a little more room in the belly area. My girlfriend Rylee has been raving about ASOS’s selection for like years, so I checked out the maternity line and was amazed at how many different styles and items in general they have! Most of which aren’t insanely expensive like other maternity shops. So like a crazy, shopping-obsessed lady, I bought four options for this wedding (see above). I’m hoping at least one will work. If they do, I will surely be back for the rest of my fall wardrobe. If you are looking for cute, modern options that aren’t insultingly expensive, check out ASOS for some fresh new duds and let me know what you think! (BTW, this is NOT a sponsored post! It’s straight from my heart to yours.)

floral sweetheart dress | ivory shift dress
cobalt blue sexy french dress | printed floral with peekaboo back dress

Happy Weekend

Do you have a three-day weekend? Today, Daryle and I are driving back up to Buffalo for his best friend’s (and best man in our wedding) wedding. All of the leaves are still green in DC so it will be fun to watch the leaves change as we drive farther north. I’m really excited to get out-of-town for a few days and return to the place we got married. This evening, Daryle will be at the groom’s bachelor party, so I will be hitting the town with Beth, Daryle’s cousin and her friends! Amidst the festivities, I hope to visit Coo Coo U, our favorite mid-century shop in Buffalo. If I find anything, I will be sure to report back. Enjoy the weekend!

Sleepy Hollow Motel photo by Buffalo-based photographer, Jennifer Dennis Potter, on Etsy.

Yeah, so, I’m getting married really really soon

So, I’ve become the girl that I thought I wouldn’t be. I won’t stop talking about my wedding. I think my coworkers probably want to strangle me. And my poor, poor intern who is in earshot of my desk has heard each of my joys and concerns at least seven times! There are just so many little, tiny details that I need to decide on. So many things that I need to oversee to make sure they come together in a nice enough fashion.

But really, I am SO effing excited for this day to come. I cannot believe the friends and family members that are making the journey to Buffalo to be there for Daryle and me. I could weep I am so happy, I am weeping! We are planning a beautiful ceremony with music and readings that reflect us. (I will include details later…) Until then, I’m sorry for not blogging more. It is my love, my creative outlet, but it will be pretty sporadic from here on through after the wedding and honeymoon.

My wedding is 11 days away, so close that I can almost see the 10-day forecast (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain). Omg. Omg.

My wedding is ONE month away

Two words: Oh Shit. My wedding is ONE month away from today. Yes, I am very excited about it. I’m also freaking out. Everything is running through my head all at once…will people actually come up to Buffalo for Daryle and me? What am I going to do about jewelry? Will the bridesmaid dress fit my sister in Paris who won’t have the chance to try it on until a few days before the wedding? Have I lost enough weight so that I’ll like how I look in the pictures? What about the entertainment? We’ve invited like six DJs and I don’t know who is coming. Where the hell am I going to stay in Maui? (that’s a big one, I KNOW). Part of me tells myself “relax, take this one day at a time.” But then I say “Are you kidding me, I have NO time left!!!” Deep breathe. Ok, time to go to work! Ahhhhhh!

Thanks for listening. :)

Wedding countdown

Three months from today, Daryle and I will be walking down the aisle at the Saturn Club in Buffalo, NY! Wedding preparations are really coming together. At the moment I’m focusing on the honeymoon. We are dreaming of a tropical, relaxing place where we can lay by the beach and explore nature in the day; then wine and dine and dance through the night. We are considering going to Hawaii! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Wedding planning in Buffalo

Hello! Please excuse the delay. Daryle and I went up to Buffalo with my mom and step-dad to make some wedding preparations. We attended a tasting at the Saturn Club, a historic Tudor social club with stone walls in downtown Buffalo. Our ceremony and reception will be held in the Saturn Club’s garden courtyard with fountains scattered throughout this August. The food and ambiance are divine. Surf and turf will be on the menu!

Our trip was a success. We had a packed itinerary; in addition to the tasting we met with a photographer, florist, had my hair done (not sure about that one), visited Niagara Falls, and hung out with Daryle’s family. The above photo is from Easter dinner at Daryle’s aunt’s house with his sister and her kids. I’m so happy my parent’s were able to join us on our trip. It is a big help for them to visualize what we’re talking about in another city. Things are kind of starting to fall into place. Eeck!

Adorable short wedding dresses (or engagement dresses!)

Aren’t these little numbers the cutest things ever? For the first time, this Saturday, I am going wedding dress shopping with my two besties. I have a reservation at Chevy Chase Bridal Trunk Show. I have a feeling the dresses will be super fancy—which isn’t exactly what I am looking for, but regardless it will be fun to try on different styles. What am I looking for anyway? Number One: I don’t want a strapless dress; which I believe will be the hardest part of my search. I’m just not a strapless person (I have nothing to hold it up!). I am envisioning something satin and slinky. I’m in love with this dress, but I want something that isn’t so recognizable.

The dresses above are available here, here, here and here. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a cocktail-style wedding or an engagement party?

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