Happy Weekend

Do you have a three-day weekend? Today, Daryle and I are driving back up to Buffalo for his best friend’s (and best man in our wedding) wedding. All of the leaves are still green in DC so it will be fun to watch the leaves change as we drive farther north. I’m really excited to get out-of-town for a few days and return to the place we got married. This evening, Daryle will be at the groom’s bachelor party, so I will be hitting the town with Beth, Daryle’s cousin and her friends! Amidst the festivities, I hope to visit Coo Coo U, our favorite mid-century shop in Buffalo. If I find anything, I will be sure to report back. Enjoy the weekend!

Sleepy Hollow Motel photo by Buffalo-based photographer, Jennifer Dennis Potter, on Etsy.

Western New York in the summer

A few times a year, Daryle and I go to Western New York to see his family and friends. The most pleasant time to go is during the summer when the temperature is mild and the humidity is low. This year, we spent some time relaxing at a friend’s cottage down a dirt road near Lake Erie.

We stayed on a peaceful street with charming beach bungalows—about a two minute walk from The Lake.

Capri, the dog kept us company at The Lake. On the right—a piece of slate from the beach resembles a black lab.

I was surprised to see how big Lake Erie is—you can’t see the other side. The waves come in just as they do in the ocean at low and high tide.

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