Wedding planning in Buffalo

Hello! Please excuse the delay. Daryle and I went up to Buffalo with my mom and step-dad to make some wedding preparations. We attended a tasting at the Saturn Club, a historic Tudor social club with stone walls in downtown Buffalo. Our ceremony and reception will be held in the Saturn Club’s garden courtyard with fountains scattered throughout this August. The food and ambiance are divine. Surf and turf will be on the menu!

Our trip was a success. We had a packed itinerary; in addition to the tasting we met with a photographer, florist, had my hair done (not sure about that one), visited Niagara Falls, and hung out with Daryle’s family. The above photo is from Easter dinner at Daryle’s aunt’s house with his sister and her kids. I’m so happy my parent’s were able to join us on our trip. It is a big help for them to visualize what we’re talking about in another city. Things are kind of starting to fall into place. Eeck!

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